about us

Our Mission:

Our mission at Health Through Information- Good Food for Kids, Good Food for Life is to provide low-income families with accessible nutrition information, simple, fun and healthy recipes that are budget friendly; and encourage healthier lifestyles for children that will promote success in their education and life.

Food for Thought:

Good Food for Kids was started by a group of people on a mission. Those people had started a for-profit magazine for kids and their families. And kids ate it up. What if we could put the same sort of magazine in the hands of kids who didn’t have $6 to spend on a magazine? What if we could offer them the same great tasting recipes that offer good nutrition? And what if we could do it all for under $1.50 per serving?

From that ambitious idea Good Food for Kids, Good Food for Life was born. We will use the same methods for- profit publishers use to grab kids attention: bright photography, healthy and creative recipes along with fun ideas. But we’ll use them to spread healthy lifestyle and good nutrition information to all children. We will reinforce our message right on the shopping carts where our readers buy their food.

So here is the Good Food for Kids: Good Food For Life promise:

  • All of our recipes will be simple and cost effective.
  • All of our recipes will be delicious and creative.
  • All of our recipes will be approved by our kid taste-testers.
  • Most of our recipes will give children a chance to help prepare the dish

Good Food for Kids: Good Food For Life will change food from a problem to an opportunity for our readers. We will give our readers the knowledge to shop effectively and cook nutritiously no matter how small their food budget.

Each issue will have:

What’s in Season: Which healthy foods are a good buy right now.

Budget Shopping: How to get the most from your food dollar without relying on unhealthy, prepared foods.

Week of Meals on a Budget:How to eat healthy and simply on a SNAP budget.

Super Foods: Focus on one budget friendly food that is packed with nutrition.

In the Can: Relying on canned foods? Here are some simple, healthy recipes that use the foods that are most often available at food pantries.

Cultural Connection: How different ethnic groups make inexpensive ingredients taste great.

Celebrate: Ideas for using food to create family traditions without breaking the bank.

Who we are:

Good Food for Kids, Good Food for Life is part of Health Through Information organization and is a non-profit corporation under Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Bridgett Hurley, Director. After beginning her career in the nonprofit sector, Ms. Hurley moved into for-profit publishing. After launching many successful magazines, including “Yum Food and Fun for Kids,” she wanted to apply those same skills to a food magazine for people who couldn’t afford the $5.99 newsstand price and who need the information most.

Cathy McConville, Content Director. Mrs. McConville’s background is in direct mail planning, marketing strategies and public relations. She is a contributing writer to “Yum Food and Fun for Kids” and “Good Food for Kids.” Cathy is an exercise enthusiast with interests in yoga, running and muscle conditioning. She cooks with her teenage daughters on a daily basis and taste tests many of the recipes on the Good Food website.

Jessica Corwin, MPH, RDN. Mrs. Corwin is a Registered Dietitian and community nutrition educator with leadership experience in school nutrition, community health, farmers’ market demonstrations, and whole foods cooking classes. She writes for a number of print and internet publications, including “Yum Food and Fun for Kids” and “Good Food for Kids.”

Erin Masercola one of our Board Members. Erin  is Content Director for “Yum Food and Fun for Kids” and contributor to “Good Food for Kids.” Ms. Masercola’s blended family includes four boys ages 10 to 17 who are often taste testers for recipes for the magazines. She is actively involved with a number of local food banks.

Torrey Kim is a writer for “Good Food for Kids” who has a passion for creating healthy, delicious, affordable recipes. She has been published in dozens of magazines and serves as a Topic Writer on “couponing” for About.com.  Ms. Kim is passionate about home vegetable gardening, canning, jarring, and other food cultivation and preservation topics that can help maintain a healthy diet.