Bored with Breadcrumbs? Three Unique Breadings to Mix Things Up.Here

Chicken tenders. Surely a staple food for moms serving little ones EVERYWHERE. 

They’re easy to make (egg, flour, breadcrumbs, bake), quick to please (as long as the dip of choice is present anyway) and can easily be used to top of a veggie-laden salad for mom (win, win!). 

 Yet as with nearly everything, the same old recipe gets boring. Maybe not for the kids, but for the one having to make them over (and over and OVER). As I result, I have had a bit of fun experimenting with a few alternatives.

Ritz Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries and Strawberries

Thankfully I snapped this pic of our Ritz Cracker dressed chicken BEFORE it was mangled by two hungry boys. SO GOOD. The perfect blend of sweet and savory to please all palates.

Instead of Breadcrumbs…

While I have tried a fun variety of options (even adding yogurt or dressing to the  mix), the winners thus far include the following.

  1. Crushed Ritz Crackers
  2. Crushed walnuts
  3. And my personal favorite? Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

Yes, I am a dietitian and yes, I just suggested adding processed white flour to your diet, but the way I see it is these crackers are being used as a transport vehicle for lean proteins. Something to help bring your kids to the table 🙂 And to be totally transparent, I tend to add ground flax seed or wheat germ whenever breading is involved as both are very easily hidden yet pack a powerful nutrition punch.

Alright, enough typing. Time to start gearing up for lunch with the kiddos. Tenders, anyone?

What other modes of flavor have you been loving on lately? 

Jessica Corwin, MPH, RDN

Resident MommyRD

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