Celebration Recipes

Holiday and Celebrations

Pumpkin Garden

Super easy and cute too. Peeled oranges and celery sticks create an adorable garden of pumpkins your kids will love. This is a great way to get your little pumpkins to eat their fruits and vegetables. 5 peeled oranges 2 sticks celery cut in 1 1/2 inch pieces Arrange oranges on bed of shredded lettuce and serve.  

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Cute School Bus Cake Your Kids will LOVE!

This simple spread turns the first day of school into a celebration. The big day is here. When your kids get home, they’ll be bursting to tell you all about their day and to compare notes with their friends.  Make it even more special by hosting a welcome-home party for the kids in the neighborhood. All it takes is an

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Fishy Lunch

   Your kid will be the big fish in the big pond with this lunch. • Pack 3 ounces of tuna mixed with chopped celery and include 5 whole grain crackers for dipping, such as Triscuits brand. • Try your hand at making a fish cutout on ¼-inch-thick jicama slices for an added touch. Cut with a paring knife or

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Easy Ways to Make a Gluten Free Lunch For Your Kids

Discover how easy—and tasty—a vegetarian and gluten-free lunch can be. Packing a vegetarian, gluten-free lunch is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow this formula for a healthy gluten-free lunch to provide your children with a satisfying, energizing meal packed with protein, fiber and essential nutrients. Each gluten-free lunch should incorporate: 1. At least one serving of fruit: Fresh and dried

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