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Rainbow-Colored Deviled Eggs

Hatch up a surprise for the whole family. Dyeing Easter eggs this spring just got a whole lot more fun and tasty. My family loves deviled eggs. These are lots of fun to make, too.        Egg-cellent Ideas Add some pizzazz to your deviled eggs with extras like mustard, minced chives, freshly ground pepper or bacon bits to

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Cinnamon Raisin Sandwiches

Cinnamon raisin bread is the star of this simple sandwich. Perfect as a simple and sweet lunch or as a breakfast treat on the weekend. Serve it alongside a hardboiled egg or glass of milk to add staying power through the power of protein.  

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5 Reasons To Enjoy (and EAT!) Your Easter Eggs

  Eggs. Are they healthy or unhealthy? While you may have fallen prey to the belief that eggs are unhealthy or cause heart disease, as a nutritionist, I’m here to help clear up the confusion. Here are five reasons to crack open those colorful eggs this Easter without guilt. Protein packed snack. Did you know a single egg contains 6

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Key Lime Pie Parfait. A simple dessert free from added sugars!

With a leftover avocado or two taking up space on my countertop, I knew I need to act fast to prevent one of these glorious fruits from spoiling. As my mom had recently made a traditional Key Lime Pie, I also had access to a handful of fresh Key Limes… What do you get when you cross the two? A

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