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St. Patrick’s Day Fruit Rainbow

The luck of the Irish is with you today! This easy and healthy snack is a great way to get your fruit and have some fun creating it. Use your favorite “rainbow” colored fruits to make this edible rainbow. On a serving tray or large plate, arrange fruits that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple into the shape of a

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Frosty Irish Flag

This treat is perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day party. Great as a make your own treat at a party. Frosty Irish Flag Stack lime, lemon or pineapple and orange or mango sherbet in a parfait glass to resemble the Irish flag. Optional: Top with green and orange sprinkles or green and orange candy-coated chocolates, like M&Ms.   Recipe by

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Sneaky Leprechaun Snack

  This party popcorn is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. The white popcorn reminds me a bit of clouds at the end of a rainbow—and what would leprechauns like more than rainbow sprinkles? I’m not sure how many leprechauns they’ll attract, but I bet your kids can’t wait to eat this fun treat .   Serves 6 Prep time: 1 hour

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Lightened Up Spinach Dip + Spinach Dip Nachos?!

Spinach dip is oh SO good, and with this healthier version there will be far less guilt involved the next time you dive into this indulgent dip!   To Transform this recipe into spinach dip laced “nachos”, you will need to add the following. With these additions the recipe will easily serve 8.

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