Cheers to Our Twist On the Shirley Temple!

Ah, the “Shirley Temple”. 

Do you remember this childhood classic? Served up by restaurants everywhere to help kids feel just as fancy as the adults at the table as they sip on their grenadine laced lemon-lime soda. Typically with a cherry afloat and a fun little umbrella to boot! 

Someone was a bit overeager to toast the day!

Someone was a bit overeager to toast the day!

While our little ones have yet to be greeted with one on the road, I wanted to recreate the excitement at home yet didn’t want to add more sugar to the ongoing sugar fest that is our kids’ lives these days. 

Our boys are thankfully already fans of sparkling water as our cooler is always packed with them at the ready – and as it is right at their level, they can help themselves as they please (thankfully they still require an adult to open them for them!). So, a Cherry Lime La Crois seemed like the perfect place to start with our testing. 


Maraschino cherries are one of our boys FAVORITE treat toppers. Much needed!

My oldest, nearly 4 years old, was my helper this morning as he wanted to get involved in the picture process in addition to being my sipper! While our boys love this “soda” plain, they both felt extra special being able to CHEERS their drinks with special cherries adorning each glass. We also added about 1 tablespoon of the cherry juice to each 4 fluid ounce glass – though the dietitian in me highly recommends 100% cherry juice instead! And if your kiddos are not used to the unsweetened flavor of sparkling water, add a splash more of the juice until it is palatable. This is a great way to take charge of the added sugars flooding our day – while still enjoying a sweetened up treat!



Simple recipe. Celebratory results! Hope you and your little ones enjoy this drink as much as we are! 

Jessica Corwin, MPH, RDN

Resident MommyRD

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