Fresh Food Fixes for those LOOONG Afternoons

We all experience it.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or a combination of the two, the mid-afternoon hit of hunger (or boredom or sleepiness) always seems to strike. I fit in the latter group as I work a bit in an office, a bit at home, and also enjoy my share of playdays with our boys. And especially now that I am pregnant with our third, the hunger seems to hit All. Day. Long. 

Rather than reaching for the kids leftover Mac ‘n Cheese or hitting up the vending machine, I try (as you do!) to make a healthy pick. So, here are a few simple snack options that are not only NUTRITIOUS but EASY to make! And ones that have been working well in our crazy home lately. 

Hope you enjoy them as much as I am!


Energy Rx for LOONG Days: 

  1. Blue Stroll. Nosh on one cup of fresh cold blueberries or grapes with a small handful of raw almonds. Then grab your water bottle and hit the bike path or trail for a quick 10 minute walk to boost your energy.

 Original File Name: 5_blueberry_trail_5863.tif2. Crunch Time. Pair whole grain baked tortilla chips, jicama and carrots sticks with a mixture of hummus and salsa for a quick easy snack that the whole family will enjoy!

1340232933. Sip ‘n Savor. Blend strawberries, fresh lemon or lime juice, fresh mint or basil, ice and agave to taste. Add this mixture to bubbly water like Perrier and sip in a relaxing spot.


Whether you are enjoying a frozen Chocolate Banana Protein shake or a glass of sparkling water, serving it in a fancy glass automatically ups the chill factor!

Hope this helps you and me both to stay on track and fuel our families right!

Thanks for reading!

Jessica Corwin, MPH, RDN

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