Kids Can Cook

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Good Food for Kids- Kids Can Cook

Cooking School Sample Curriculum


Kids Can Cook Program Outline:

Our program will provide children with the knowledge and ability to learn, through hands-on activities and food preparation, how simple it is to create a healthy meal.

Our goal is to offer accessible nutritional information to children so that they can make sensible, healthy food choices.

Good Food for Kids will provide all food and necessary items to complete the recipes and activities designated for a particular class.

Good Food for Kids will share, through hand-outs, the recipes executed during a class so the children and build their own “cookbook”.

If possible we would like to document our Kids Can Cook activity with photos of the children participating in the class. We would share these images on our website and on our facebook page –Good Food for Kids, Good Food for Life. Images may also be used in grant proposal documents when soliciting funds for our non-profit.

Sample Class Offerings:

Class 1

Eat a Rainbow-How to Eat What is  “In Season” From Your Local Supermarket

Activity: Fruits and Vegetable Meet and Greet-

Selected Recipes:” In Season” fruit salad with easy fruit dip, Cucumber and Tomato salad, Easy Bruschetta and or Easy Mango Salsa.

Class 2

Good Fat, Bad Fat

Activity: Take clear pipes. Fill them with olive oil and pour water through. Fill them with shortening and pour water through. This is a lot like your arteries. Good fats keep them free and clear. Bad fats clog them up.

Selected Recipe: Homemade salad dressing, Salad on a Stick, Easy No Bake Cookie Balls


Class 3

Calcium Builds Strong Bones

Activity: Find the calcium Lab. We put plastic bones, small, medium and large under food items and have the kids try to find the calcium.

Selected Recipes: Yogurt parfaits and Smoothies, cheese and cracker options, vegetable options that are high in calcium.


Class 4

Fight the Snack Attack

It’s OK to snack when you’re hungry, but avoid the temptation to grab junk food.

Activity: Price is right like game: put the foods from best to worst.

Selected Recipe: Homemade Trail mix, Easy Avocado Toast or Egg in a Mug, Frozen yogurt drops with raspberries with chocolate drops for dessert.


Class 5

Thirst Quenchers

Thirst happens, though what beverages are best?

Activity: Measure out the teaspoons of sugar found in various drinks (1 teaspoon = 4 grams) (use examples of Vitamin water, fruit punch, Capri Sun, Monster, Gatorade).

Selected Recipes: La Croix or Dasani fruit flavored sparkling water with frozen or fresh fruit slices and berries. Watermelon Cupcakes- no bake version, Carrot and Apple Icy Salad.