Chicken and Asparagus Stir-fry with Brown Rice

Chicken-asparagus Stir-fry with Brown Rice is a healthy meal kids can help make in the kitchen! Keep a kid-friendly pair of kitchen shears in your kitchen and let your child lend a helping hand by using them to cut the asparagus and green onions. Give Leftovers a Second Life Kids love the taste of this chicken-asparagus stir-fry. Parents appreciate the

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Pizza Pizzazz Night

Everyone loves a quick and delicious finger food, and these tasty deep-dish white pizzas don’t disappoint. Made without tomato sauce, they are distinctively Italian, thanks to the seasonings, and you can even make the pizza crust quickly without having to wait for yeast to rise or buying pricey ready-made crust.   Deep-Dish White Pizza   Serves 6   Prep time:

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Pasta Taste Test- Which Pasta did our Kids like best? Find Out Here!

Ah, comfort food. Whether it’s your grandmother’s chicken noodle soup or your Aunt Susan’s famous mashed potatoes, certain foods bring back memories of family traditions and good times. Growing up, my comfort food was pasta topped with my father’s tomato sauce. Pasta is still a staple in my home; my children love to help make my father’s sauce recipe, and

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Happy Holidays Citrus Ham

Savory, special and versatile, the holiday ham is an icon of the dinner table. For generations, families have been serving holiday hams as a delicious way to feed large groups. Ham’s salty tender goodness pairs perfectly with a multitude of holiday sides, but its savory qualities also make it a natural for almost anything sweet. Sugar glazes, sweet rubs, herbs

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