Simple Tuna Salad

My kids love tuna fish, but that sloppy version with lots of mayo would send them running for the hills. This updated, healthy option recipe adds the veggies they like with little or no oil, unless they choose to add some lite salad dressing. Give it a try and see if your kids like a less traditional version of this classic lunch recipe. The

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Sandwich Puzzle

Easy way to make lunch a little bit more fun. This cute “puzzle” idea is sure to put a smile on your child’s face when they open their lunchbox. Use different cookie cutters for different holidays. Hearts for Valentine’s Day, bunny and eggs for Easter, the list is endless.     Use favorite small cookie cutters or sandwich cutouts. • Spread

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Mini-Bagel Sandwiches- Easy To Make and Eat!

More than just a breakfast snack, mini bagels may just be the best thing in school lunches since sliced bread! With their compact size and variety of flavors, mini bagels make wonderful sandwich bread to add variety into your child’s lunches. Pack one or a few for small bites that will last through the day. Compared to traditional sandwich bread,

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Fun With Apples In Your Lunch Box

Take a fresh approach to packing fruit-filled lunches by having fun with apples Striped Apples Trying to get your child to eat more fruit? Try these fun ideas when you kids go back to school. Use two different apples, one red and one green and slice them horizontally from top to bottom then reassemble for a fun striped creation. Drizzle

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