What’s in Season Now

Recipes and seasonal fruits and vegetable lists to help you make the most of what is “In Season” at our local market.

Grilled Tropical Sundae: Protein Rich, Fiber Full, + Oh So Delicious!

When the temperatures rise, who wants to be trapped inside next to a hot oven? Not me. Any excuse I can find to move outdoors is a good one to me! Especially when that excuse includes a grill as that tends to bring my husband into Operation Get Dinner On the Table. And when that mission stars dessert, I know

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School’s Out! But Did You Know School Lunch is Still Available?

School’s out for summer! Kids everywhere are jumping for joy and moms are scanning Pinterest to determine how they can keep their little ones entertained and fed. Thankfully, when it comes to the latter your child’s school may be able to help. Just because the school classroom has come to a close, that does not necessarily mean that their kitchen

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Chocolate Drizzled Frozen Fruit Skewers

Looking for a dessert that packed with nutrition and antioxidants, yet low in calories and void of artificial ingredients and ready to go within a few minutes of prep? Look no further. With two little ones under the age of 3, quick and nutritious are requirements in my kitchen. This frozen treat looks fancy enough to impress your dinner guests, yet is

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Icy Fruit Pops

There is no easier way to make nutritious frozen treats that kids will love than these Icy Fruit Pops. Fruits like  watermelon, cantaloupe, white honeydew, mango, and even kiwi taste delicious frozen.  Mindfully shaped ice-cold pieces of these fruits placed on a lollipop stick  not only delight kids, but also offer them a playful lesson in the elementary geometry and color recognition. Icy Fruit Pops are perfect

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